by Doesin



Is that what they say about me nowadays?
Figured I might ask you
What do they say about me anyways?
Some of it might be true

Rumors of my debauchery have been mildly exaggerated
The levels of my depravity have been slightly overstated

I've been coming apart at my seams
And I've been seeing a face in my dreams
Why is this so familiar?
Why do you look the same?
Every time I come around the wheel
I could've sworn you would have changed

Little Miss Aphrodite
Daughter of the Morning Star
Priestess high and mighty
Inanna, Isis, Ishtar!

Xaniña, Xaniña!

Heaven and Hell are empty
Purgatory is full
God and the Devil are in me
I still play The Fool

Heaven and Hell are empty
The Waiting Room is full
God and The Devil are in me
And I still play The Fool!


released 20 June 2014
Written and performed by Doesin
Recorded at The War Room Studios
Engineered and mixed by Daniel Moll



all rights reserved


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Doesin Atlanta, Georgia

We're just some space-cats, jamming in the cat-space.
Austin Adkins:
6 Strings
Andrew Venet:
4 Strings
Tyler Reddick:
2 Sticks

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